about Verweij                                               

In August 2010 Joery Verweij (1987) graduated from his study in Production Design at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam.

During this four year study, he learned to make films as part of an art department. His activities at the Academy gave him a thorough understanding of film and designer for films, but also offered him an inside look into other art forms like architecture, fashion, photography, illustration and visual effects.

In his third year at the academy he assisted creating an opening film for fashion designer Ilja Visser for the Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009. After this project, he took an internship as graphic designer for the Dutch film Tirza, directed by Rudolf van den Berg. In his graduation year he was production designer for De Schaduw van Bonifatius. During this period he learned to collaborate with a Visual Effects department as well as delegating an art department.

Joery developed a wide interest in art forms. He makes sculptures and miniatures, as well as paintings and concept art.
Currently he is working as a freelance production designer and art director. He has designed a broad variety of projects such as the short tv movie Yim & Yoyo, feature length movies Gone Back and Waterboys, an international campaign for K-Swiss, a holiday season commercial for Hema, leaders for Sensation 2013, Bloed, Zweet & Blaren and various Red Bull events, and a television series called Het Mysterie Van.. for De Efteling.