television commercial

I was asked by Stef Holtz to work with him on a 25 seconds spot for Red Bull's Art of Can event . The goal was to provide the brand with a creative look and feel.

In the concept we created, we let the Red Bull can transform into different styles of art to show the participants of the Art of Can event you can be very creative, even if you have only a Red Bull can as material. We begin the story with a jugendstil shaped plant. The plant then morphs into an impressionistic airplane, which flies into a cubistic shape of a typical Dutch windmill. We end our art journey in a neoclassicism style with our own impression of the well known 'Amor & Psyche' sculpture.

The video you can see at my site is a cut up of the original spot, made by Stef Holtz. He made this in order to show best how production design and visual effects can be combined and enhance one another.

Production: Mike de Zwart, Scenario/Direction: Thomas van der Ree, D.O.P: Sara Vlamings & Job Kraaijeveld, Production Design: Joery Verweij, Editing: Daan Wijdeveld, Compositing & 3D: Stef Holtz, Ruud Kouwenberg, Bas Moonen.