Film Academy graduation movie

For my graduation project at the Dutch Film and Television Academy, I worked on
'De Schaduw van Bonifatius', a 15-minute film about a young monk who joins Bishop Bonifatius during his last journey to Frisia. They have to travel through an ancient forest full of mythical creatures and strange plants and trees to reach their goal.

This film was, with the exception of the opening and end scenes, entirely shot in front of a green screen in a studio. We built the patches of forest on a life-size scale, so actors could walk through and interact with the forest. For the backgrounds we made miniatures sometimes exceeding 1,5 meters in height.

As production designer for this movie, it was my responsibility to come up with a concept and to make sure my concept was followed through in the making of the film. Besides from delegating an art department, I made the miniatures, did some designs and kept the supervision over the designing process.

See full credit list (English).