motion picture

Gone Back is a feature length motion picture about an army deserter that returns home. He expects to find his life the way he left it, but he finds out that he is declared dead and everything has changed.

I was asked by Ernest Meholli to be a part of the art department on this movie as an Art Director. Together with production designer Janneke Jacobs we designed and realized the movie. My work was comprised of designing, special prop making, setbuilding, scouting locations, setdressing, and the overal leading of the art department.

Gone Back has won The Audience Award at "Special Screening" on Pri Fest -Prishtina International Film Festival, Kosovo. For more info on Gone Back, please take a look at the Gone Back website.

You can have a look at some of my special props for this movie at the bottom of the models page.

Art direction: Joery Verweij

Click this link for the full cast and crew list.