In my final year of attending the Dutch Film and Television Academy, I was a production designer on my graduation movie 'De Schaduw van Bonifatius'. For this movie we decided to create our own world, a mysterious old forest in the ancient Frisia.

For all of the backgrounds and some of the sets, we've made big miniatures. I constructed the miniatures with mainly Styrofoam, clay, epoxy resin, and specific types of real branches and tree logs.

right: The upper image shows a test shoot we did before we started making the eventual miniatures. The image on the bottom shows d.o.p. Oscar Verpoort taking photos of the final miniatures.

Production: Mels Kroon, D.o.p: Oscar Verpoort Production design/head of construction miniatures: Joery Verweij, Assistant construction miniatures: Michael Amir, Janneke Jacobs, Sanne Houwing.