motion picture

Waterboys is a feature length roadtrip comedy movie.

A film about a father who doesn’t want to be the responsible adult and his son who should take life
a little less seriously.

The movie premieres in The Netherlands on December 1st 2016.

For more information please visit the movie facebook page.

Direction, scenario & production: Robert Jan Westdijk, Production: Maarten van der Ven, D.O.P: Alex Wuijts, Production design: Joery Verweij, Costume: Chantal van Setten, Hair & make-up: Monique Mierop, Sound on set: Robil Rahantoeknam 1st AD: Sander Donker,
Editing: Ruben van der Hammen & Robert Jan Westdijk, Sound design: Erik Griekspoor.