' Werkveld' is the new videoclip of hiphop artist Kraantje Pappie where i have worked as an art director.
Sil van der Woerd directed the clip and the song is produced by Nightwatch/Noisia.
The video clip was created in co-operation with the infantry.

I was asked by producer NFI Producties to work closely with the infantry and give the clip the right look and feel. Amongst other things i prepared the sets, managed the props and helped creating
particle- and reflection effects.

Production: Charlotte Scott-Wilson & Trent, Direction: Sil van der Woerd, Scenario: Sil van der Woerd, Cyril Chermin, Martijn van der Werf, D.O.P: Daniël Bouquet, Art Direction: Joery Verweij,
Godelinde Pollman, Styling: Rianne Mertens, Make up: Sjors Mercx.