television short movie

Yim & Yoyo is a 25 min kids movie directed by Anna van Keimpema, produced by Volt Films
and funded by KRO Jeugd. Janneke Jacobs and i formed a production designer duo that led
the art department. This video is a short summary of the work of our art department.

Yim & Yoyo has been awarded the children's jury prize for best film for children up to 12 years at the
59th Short Oberhausen Film festival.
The story is about Yim, a 10 year old Chinese boy, and his imaginary friend Yoyo, a drawn panda bear.
Together they experiencing lots of exciting adventures in Yim's imaginary world.
This movie is a combination of live action footage and 2D animation. When Yim wanders of in his drawings with his friend Yoyo, they journey through a fantastical 2D drawn world.

You can view the full movie here(english subtitles not yet available).

Production: Ivo Noorlander, Direction: Anna van Keimpema, Scenario: Marianne Riphagen, D.O.P: Lonneke Worm, Production Design: Joery Verweij & Janneke Jacobs, Matte Paintings: Joery Verweij,
Art Department: Amasja Koolen, Judith van Oostrum & Sanne Schat Editing: Tim Wijbenga, Compositing:
Klaas Lageveen, Animation Department: Boris de Leeuwe, Hanneke van der Linden & Nadine Lamandassa.